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The New Dream & The 12 Light Bodies

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The most important thing right now is human consciousness. We have the power to hone our perception to navigate these times, and truly up-level our purpose here. Will we make it through the New Dream into the New Earth?

A wonderous thing happened in consciousness. All the gateways, all the alignments, all the convergences of our place in space opened up with the crown and all of us were offered our sovereign position in consciousness. The New Dream began and you've been invited to wear the energies that Source has chosen for you into this next stage. That is why our perception needs to be fine tuned now, so we can enjoy the many holographic dimensions and aspects of our new reality.

The New Dream is the hope, faith, grace and power we have as creators to imagine the next steps for our species.

Each of us will uncover this fantastic gift and time in consciousness at our own rate! It's an ever-fractaling gift that will reveal new layers every day. There are tools to unwrap your gift if you want them, but be sure to ask your body if you need them. Check in with your 3 Minds - ask the mind to step aside, feel what you might need from the Heart, and ask the Gut what is most optimal. Perhaps you've been feeling blocked around the 3rd Eye - you'll want psychic development so you can perceive the movement of the new energies. Maybe you're a healer and you know you can up-level your work - quantum healing and other tools are more well understood than ever. Or perhaps you're an empath who wants to understand their superpower more - you're indeed powerful and it's time you know how. For those who are mystics - this has never been a more clear time for full understanding of the nature of reality.

The 12 Light Bodies & the Galactic Center

The New Dream's nature is that of mystical dreaming. To perceive it, you want to be very conscious of your Heart space. Your Heart space is very sacred. You are sacred space! That sacred space has a design and it's elements are dimensional. The mystical dream of reality and the sacred space you animate is traditionally 12 Dimensions which holographically define our Universe. You have 12 parts of yourself that anchor into each of these arenas. These are the 12 Light Bodies.

Step by step we can clarify and heal each of the Light Bodies. The first one is in the First Dimension, and it's expression is of the "I Am" presence. That's why many of us have received very personalized experiences from Solstice - personal mantras, reconnection to personal lineages and guides, personal changes and dreams. The planet is guiding us gently to different discoveries in ourselves as to coax us through the new, foamy, complex but refined light from the galaxy.

Literally the solar system is moving into the line of sight of our galactic center, and those specific qualities of light have a dramatic effect on human culture and consciousness. For instance, during the Dark Ages, we literally were in the middle of the Kali Yuga and had little access to that light. With this new light, we're set to have an evolutionary jump forward! We're headed into accelerated, innovative times, and the further dissolving of old constructs and cultural remnants. Now is the best time to get to know who you are, your body, and your purpose so you can enjoy the power of these times. I'll be helping you expand your awareness and perception of reality, and the Light Bodies, over the next months.

The Awareness of the First Light Body

I want to share with you a simple meditation to get you started in your sacred space - The Awareness of the First Light Body. Each of the light bodies has an expression in the physical 3D body. Some light bodies are linked to systems and some are linked to specific parts.

In this case, the First Light Body is linked to the first or eldest cell of the Heart. The physical heart hardly regenerates, and besides the lenses of the eyes, is the only organ that doesn't. It's the center of the body's memory, but also emanates the "I Am" presence. The eldest heart cell in your body has been with you since the beginning (unless it was damaged, and then the next eldest takes the blueprint). This cell offers your life's spark and signature to the rest of the cellular incarnation you contain with your sacred field. It's the "zero point" from which your true soul from Source God comes into the moving, living Universe.

To meditate upon this light body, giving it awareness, simply ask the eldest heart cell to shine for you!

Imagine it shining in your chest, and see only that cell's light.

Watch how bright that light really is. Allow it to expand naturally.

How wide does that light go?

Notice that it goes on, and on.

It does have a space in the whole Universe!

Without this light, the Universe is incomplete.

Your nature is a part of the whole, supporting all reality with your consciousness.

Feel the peace and life that comes from that light in your heart - it's your true self and home. It is immortal, and real.

Allow it to be present in your awareness beyond your meditation.

Your awareness of your true self and light is deeply healing for this light body.

May this information and meditation support you on your journey into imagining a new world and a new life!

~Elizabeth Wood

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