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Happiness, Clarity and Breakthroughs!

“I'm so excited! Elizabeth, you really spoke my language and really hit on many areas that needed healing, yet were difficult for me to pinpoint. Of all the work I have done, it seems I still had the shells around my body around my heart not letting people in.... I'm so glad they are dissolved! Each area of healing you chose really resonate with me! One week after your healing templates: I am feeling more happy, I am singing, I am loving myself and talking to myself in the mirror hahaha... I feel much more clear on what I want, and less afraid to exert authority when situations at work arise. I finally got my butt up to get some exercise in, I am practicing doing things that I'm not 'comfortable' doing! I felt myself stepping out into new territory. I went out on a 'date' and I was very open, very myself, and not afraid to express!!! That was new for me! Thank you so much for acknowledging all these parts of me through your work. Thank you for the healing. I'm so excited to continue working with you!” In Love and Light!

- Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac, CEO/ Lead Physician

“Extraordinary! Outstanding! I was blown away.”

“An experience of a special kind is the personal session… Elizabeth not only looks after your 3rd Eye (and heals it) but scans the whole body. I have been searching for many years for the cause of some of my issues and was astounded that in a matter of minutes, Elizabeth identified them and helped me get rid of them. Extraordinary! Outstanding! I was blown away. And I have never felt better in my life! There is very good reason why people say, Elizabeth Wood is a world class seer and healer. She not only has a rare gift but a pure heart as well, and that makes her remarkably amazing in her field. If you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend to take it. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for all that you do, Elizabeth.”

- Claudia

“For advanced practitioners too!”

Elizabeth Wood, I LOVE your energy, your work, your clarity, your reach, and your grounded, secure and ego-less human-ness! You are one of a kind, in all positive ways, truly. I just KNEW, intuitively, that a session with you was needed, and Oh My was I right..!! You pinpointed pretty much every crucial part of my life circumstances/issues, bringing much needed confirmation, validation and clarity - and added some truly enlightening new information on top of that. In a situation where I no longer dared to trust my inner know-ing you brought every piece of information needed to restore my faith in myself, the Now, and, thanks to your unconditionally loving response, humanity.
I highly recommend a session with Elizabeth! However well established, spiritually advanced or aligned with your heart-soul-source you may already be she'll still be able to bring something hitherto unseen/unknown to the forefront that will help you in ways you never even knew you needed. Thank you so very much, from my heart and soul!

- Johanna Hultin

Increased Synchronicity and Light!

“Elizabeth is in incredible seer and teacher. I am so very grateful for her and our session together. I feel more balanced than ever. Even though I have been an energy healer for over 20 years, there was something still blocking me from doing what I came here to do to share with the world. Now I do not have to work so hard to bring in the light through my body. There is a large column of light with me all the time. Since our session my prosperity has picked up.  My artwork is selling better. In addition since my time with Elizabeth after just one session, I am moving forward with writing books which I had had blocks with before.  My life is flowing better each and every day as my intuition is clearer than before. Her teaching has brought me joy and a clearer understanding of my body and the world beyond. My life has also had much more synchronicity. I look forward to learning much more from Elizabeth in the near future. Thank you Elizabeth!  I am blessed with you in my life.”​

- Catherine, Artist, Creativity Coach, Energy Healer, Author

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