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Navigate the Dream

Learn to navigate your dream

Unveil your skill sets in consciousness

Integrate & Master

Design your own journey

Prismatic Human

Find Your Dream, Find Yourself


Step 1

The 3 Navigation Tools

Every dreamer needs some basic tools to navigate with.

Instead of a compass or a constellation, in consciousness we use other tools. 

Mindfulness, Processing and Meditation are the most important tools of the successful navigator of the dream...

Step 2

Find Your Skill Sets

Each dreams according to their nature.

This allows them to be more masterful at some skills than others.

Some skills feel totally natural, and some are yet to be fully mastered.

You want to find out what your natural skill set is, and all the tools and methods of that craft...

Round Library

Step 3

Dream the Path

Gather more power and energy like a Mystic.

See clearly like a Psychic.

Feel and know the truth like an Empath.

Stand in your power like a Sovereign. 

Correct imbalance like a Healer.

Create and arrange your dream journey.

Weave the tools and skills of consciousness like a true Navigator of the New Dream.

Step 4

Navigate the Dream

You've mastered the 3 Tools, and discovered your Skill Sets.

You've woven together the skills you collected to create a map of your dreamscape. 

Now it's time to go deeper into consciousness, and receive illumination - who are you?

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