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3 Tools for Navigating Consciousness - Start Here!

Use these three tools to begin your journey into consciousness.

Friends, please feel free to download and share these resources! These are part of the first tools of navigating consciousness, and the foundation you need to start honing your skills.

First, I offer you a PDF which can help you heal your trauma and body. Within it are multiple ebooks, audios etc. Here you will learn MINDFULNESS through Healing the 3 Minds which are the Brain Mind, Heart Mind and Gut Mind. You'll be able to listen more to your body, the greatest tool you have for navigation.

Then learn the art of dismantling ego and trauma using EMOTIONAL PROCESSING. You'll understand how vital this is to navigating by listening to Lucia Rene' on The Mechanics of Processing and Perception. Then, you'll learn more about MENTAL PROCESSING using Leslie Temple-Thurston's Squares Technique to unravel the polarities that define reality. There are three parts to processing, and these are the first two. Learn more about the third type, PSYCHIC PROCESSING in our library at

Then, learn my favorite version of MEDITATION in the form of Gazing. This will help you to achieve some of the goals you may want to reach in your skill sets, like Focus for Psychic development, or Precision in the Mystical skill set.

Secondly, I offer you a compendium of resources regarding preparedness in the physical to cover PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS. When big shifts happen, protect your household with the concepts and training my father, an expert in safety and preparedness, and myself have compiled for you. We all hope you feel supported and enjoy what we've created for you.

~Elizabeth Wood

There is no better time than today to prepare for your healing and growth! Navigate your life with mastery and joy...

Download and share these as you wish!

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