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Library of Classes
& Tools for Navigation

How to Navigate the Library

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Study the Map

Go to The Navigation Map and choose your Step. Work with the steps many times to fully master navigation of the Dream of consciousness.

Glass Ball

Choose Your Class

Go to the Library below and choose your class that matches your Step. Practice with the tools and skills you choose to learn.

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Receive Illumination

Once you feel comfortable with your tools and skills, set up an Illumination Session for deeper clarity.

How the Library is Organized


Steps on the Map

The Navigation Map has 4 Steps you can choose from to focus on. Step 1 is Tools, Step 2 is Skill Sets, Step 3 is Map Your Journey, Step 4 is Navigate Your Life.  Illumination is for personal sessions and other guidance.


Navigation Tools

There are 3 types of tools for navigation - Mindfulness, Processing and Meditation. Processing has 3 parts - Emotional, Mental and Psychic Processing.

Touching the Surface

Skill Sets

There are specific skill sets we use to navigate the Dream of consciousness. Some of the skills you can learn here are Empath, Psychic, Sovereign, Mystic, Healer, & Warrior.

Choose Your Step, Skill or Tool