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Become One with the Field of Abundance
Enjoy these hand picked classes below
for your continued healing and advancement

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Class 1

Body Love!


Enjoy Elizabeth’s popular class about loving the body by removing limiting programs

which keeps us from fully processing our emotions. Many individuals suffer blockages in

their energetic centers which are based on genetic bondage-based programs such as the

“Hush Program” in the throat which keeps us from speaking truth about our

experiences. Use this special mp3 to unblock your whole being quickly and easily! There

is nothing more precious than self-care at this time in the world. Unplug from the 

matrix even more deeply by releasing worthlessness!

Class 2

Healing the 3 Minds Workshop

This special triad of 2 hour long classes will help you feel more like a Creator! Finally feel comfortable with the powers of your 3 brains. Learn in this workshop how to: 

  • Tame the troubles of the Brain Mind and experience a “still mind”

  • Use and understand the powers of the Heart Mind

  • Get deeply in touch with the Gut Mind and how to heal it 

  • And much more! 

Full body enlightenment is our goal, but we really need to understand these physical bodies in order to embody more light. Heal your relationship with your body as a Creator now! 

Class 3

Playground of Time

Time is often a struggle for human beings - there isn’t enough time, or we feel we are wasting it. In this class we will delve into the reality of time from a spiritual and scientific view.

Learn about how to -

  • Transform your relationship to time by understanding a few easy techniques and concepts.

  • Stop worrying about the past and future so much.

  • Begin to advance your mindset and psychic abilities using a unique way of approaching time.

  • Help your friends and family shift their ideas about time without a lot of struggle!

Time doesn’t have to be our enemy - in fact, we can advance our journey faster by understanding the beauty and usefulness of time! Your life won’t be the same after you learn how to use the potential of the present.

Class 4

Healing Polarities - Unlocking the Inner Realms

One of the wonders of this Universe is the existence of polarities - opposite energies which help illustrate and illuminate reality. The existence of polarities in our lives can be a precious tool for self examination and healing! Instead of causing us suffering and keeping us in a "spin" we can learn to use polarities to make huge breakthroughs in our bodies, lives and spiritual development. Join Elizabeth Wood on a journey to discover the Master Polarities she's been uncovering in the hundreds of sessions she does for individuals and groups. Of course there are hundreds of polarities, but the special polarities which will be examined in this online retreat are the most common she's found. Learn about:

  • How polarities have been used to control our inner realms.

  • The way that polarities can be used as a template to understand deeper programming and limiting beliefs. 

  • The special process Elizabeth uses to heal them with wonderful results!

If you are a healer looking for another useful tool, or someone who would like an easy way to continue their healing and spiritual journey, this is a retreat you will certainly enjoy. Get off the "hamster wheel" of polarities and stressful spinning, and feel the peace and balance you desire!  

Class 5

The Truth About Manifesting - The Art of Synchrony

Friends, there has hardly been a more distorted subject in our society than manifesting. I offer you a completely different idea for your future - stop manifesting. It’s time to work with Natural Law and reality properly, and it isn’t about manifestation at all.

In this special class I’ll show you -

·   What the root of the concept of “manifesting” really is

·   The elements of Natural Law that define the patterns of reality

·   Why those patterns look the way they do

·   Steps to changing your thinking about creation

·   Perfect the Art of Synchrony

The solution to working with reality is elegant and beautiful. Senses, numbers, light, sound - everything works together within a perfect set of living patterns. I hope you’ll join me in this journey from scarcity dynamics to serendipity.


Class 6

The Yellow Crystal Seed of Purpose Mini Workshop


This is your seed…

This seed is made of thoughts. 

Thoughts are imagined into existence. 

The seed creates conscious existence when it grows...

In this process of germination, we ourselves are the soil. 

Your mind, heart and gut are the garden beds into which you will sow your seed thoughts.

Let us follow the path to discover how you can create the blueprint contained in your seed!

What wondrous trees of reality will grow in your life, in your body, once you plant it? 


Enjoy 3 hours of step-by-step cultivation of your inner desires and visions in this special Mayan calendar inspired mini workshop. The Yellow Crystal Seed Mayan year concept allows us to access the higher dimensions of consciousness for purposeful manifestations. You and your life are the fertile soil. Creative vision blooms within you through the power of your intention or “seed thoughts”. Just as a seed holds the hologram of its final form, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this process of creation your intention is kindled by spiritual inspiration. 

The charged seed, your true desire or vision, becomes the focus for germination. What can you use that will support nurturing and assist the growth of your seed vision? Envision the seed receiving the invitation to grow in the openness of your world. Fully feel the possibility of your completed vision emerging. Your desires and dreams contain an innate intelligence rooted in your spirit that can break through even the solidity of fixed expectations. Planting a new seed can bring unexpected transformation and growth. 


In this workshop you will:

  • Break open the outer shells of past patterns and the shackles of worthlessness.

  • Call forth your creative involvement with life to free and awaken the powerful energy of inner spirit, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your vision.

  • Participate spontaneously in the growth of a light filled spiritual vision, unrestricted by the illusion of false light and structures.

  • Move forward into the light of new possibilities!

  • Find where you can openly flow and expand in the midst of seeming complexity.

  • Utilize the relationships created by polarity to explore and expand any self-limiting construct.

  • Offer your dream-seed to the universe and align with your heart's greater purpose!

All parts make up a greater whole. Draw on the wisdom, strength, and stability you derive as a member of the great web of life. No matter what your experience, there is a complex stability in the larger pattern that invites you to feel stable as you expand and evolve. Living in a world of polarities, yet knowing that all parts are one in the unified whole, creates the underlying framework of connectedness. The hologram of polarity is simply the loom upon which worlds and realities are woven. Through you, the mysterious balance of the cosmos is fulfilled!


“I re-grew precious tender shoots I thought I had lost…”

“In the Yellow Crystal Seed of Purpose mini workshop with Elizabeth, I re-grew precious tender shoots I thought I had lost. The workshop was a beautiful space to root the vision of my purpose in fertile soil, with faith and trust in its promise and perfection. I came away from the workshop with a heart filled with glad anticipation and a blueprint of actionable steps, more connected to my own knowing, and an imagination fired up with creative possibilities. Its recording, I am sure to turn to again and again for encouragement. Elizabeth always manages to bring to any discussed subject, caring thoughtfulness and a gentle wisdom that is both grounding and expansively liberating. It's always a joy to be in her workshops and lectures. And, I always get to learn lots!” 

~ Celine, B.C. Canada


Class 7

Making Miracles Together -

Building Pillars of Prayer and Intention


Remember the ancient saying that many enlightened teachers have said, “If two or more are gathered….” then some miracle will happen? We all desire to believe in miracles, and we desire to have them happen for us. We want the power of our prayerful intentions to be manifested each day. We don’t always come together to make these prayerful intentions happen. Group intentions can seem so impersonal. The desire for direct action, and direct communication with the Divine is at the heart of our desires for miracles.

In this group exercise, Elizabeth will be your psychic guide. She will take you on a meaningful journey to see how you can participate together in the building of pillars of prayer and intention       which are able to transmute and amplify the amazing power of your miracles. Journeying on the inner planes, you will have Elizabeth’s expert guidance to create multiple pillars together, see many others that already exist and learn how truly miraculous they can be for our lives and the Earth. Unlike any other class Elizabeth has offered, you will be able to open your full potential for the creation and manifestation of the miraculous.

Whether you are new to the psychic world and your third eye, or don’t have much experience with doing work on the Inner Planes, this class is for anyone who wants to learn a wonderful skill that can be used for their whole lifetime. Furthermore, there is quality evidence that will be discussed on why these wonderful pillars of intention and prayer really work. Not only will you be able to use your whole body and soul, but as a group, you will be able to cause measurable action for yourself and the world! Allow your prayers and intentions to be supported by these unique and blessed spiritual structures. Come make miracles real together!

Class 8

Angelic Co-Creation and Illumination Workshop


This interactive workshop is a pure, potent and transformative time with angelic light. Angelic light will be woven through your whole life, transforming your experience on this blessed Earth. Using her extensive knowledge about the angelic realms, Elizabeth will guide you with her wonderful seeing skills on a journey of 7th dimensional energy proportions. Learn how angelic light can serve you in deftly bringing together your 3D, 4D and 5D experience.  


  • Connect to your angels and allow them to show you what they can actually do!

  • Clear your concept of timelines and re-energize your consciousness with angelic light! 

  • Plant angelic seeds of purpose and light throughout your life.

  • Access the gift of receiving angelic light and support - activate your surrender to real abundance! 

  • Align your Brain, Heart and Gut to the 3 Grids of Creation and your angel’s support.

  • Receive the angelic grace which has always been waiting for you!


Using her extensive daily interaction with the angelic, Elizabeth will connect you to the power of the angels which will transform your life. Watch the wonders of angelic light weave their way through your daily experience. Miracles are on the way! 

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