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The most common question I receive as an Oracle and Seer is “What am I here for?” Whether it is about career choices, purpose, understanding yourself or just wondering why you’re here at this crazy time, everyone wants to know why! This is where your Soul’s Skill Set comes in.

The Soul brings in a specific skill set, always the same for each lifetime. Whether you’ve been in a body on earth or another body elsewhere, the skill set is the same. Like a unique ray of light, we come in from Source shining with our nuanced energy. In this online healing retreat, we will talk about what Soul Skill Sets I’ve seen over thousands of sessions. Skill sets complement each other. They can be advanced from your experiences too. For example, a Soldier Skill set can become a Warrior, and a Warrior can become a Commander. A Psychic can become a Seer, and a Seer can become an Oracle. I’ll talk about how we can advance ourselves by removing ego and density in this lifetime as well, and some easy ways to do that.

In part 2 of this series let’s take a look at what it takes to advance our Soul Skill Sets and what those advancements look like exactly.

Understanding Soul Skill Sets Part 2

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