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Friends, there has hardly been a more distorted subject in our society than manifesting. I offer you a completely different idea for your future - stop manifesting. It’s time to work with Natural Law and reality properly, and it isn’t about manifestation at all.

In this special class I’ll show you -

  • What the root of the concept of “manifesting” really is
  • The elements of Natural Law that define the patterns of reality
  • Why those patterns look the way they do
  • Steps to changing your thinking about creation
  • Perfect the Art of Synchrony

The solution to working with reality is elegant and beautiful. Senses, numbers, light, sound - everything works together within a perfect set of living patterns. I hope you’ll join me in this journey from scarcity dynamics to serendipity.

With love,

Elizabeth Wood

The Truth About Manifesting - The Art of Synchrony

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