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Friends, it’s time for the esoteric wisdom contained in the Earth and in the Lyran Library of Consciousness to be made available. Within the Earth are stored The Spheres of Influence and Wisdom. At the end of each 12,000 year Galactic Cycle the Earth makes this wisdom available to us. These forms of wisdom influence all living beings. They guide them to enter into a new beginning with clarity and empowerment with Earth in her newest form. 


These Spheres come from a variety of places, both Earthly and Galactic. The three Spheres of Influence are - 


The Spheres of Natural Wisdom - These Spheres are expressed as Earth’s experience through time to embody Natural Law. The influence of these Spheres offer humanity a fresh and informed way to work with Earth while we rebuild our cultures and work with our bodies. You’ll learn about: 

  • Laws of the Golden Ratio 369

  • Quantum Laws of Light, Sound and the Elements

  • The Last 4 Templates of Wisdom

  • The Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics


The Spheres of Mystical Wisdom - These are the Spheres of Wisdom that govern the navigation of consciousness in this galaxy stored within the Earth as Mystical Law. The influence of these Spheres offer humanity the precious tools to move through this next great ending into a new beginning of being, which mystics call Homo Luminous. You’ll learn about: 

  • 6 False Constructs Over Reality

  • 12 Virtues of True Reality 

  • Dissolving Constructs with Virtue


The Spheres of Galactic Wisdom - Before the birth of Earth the Lyrans were tasked to collect the wisdom of all the Great Humans of our galaxy. The influence of these Spheres can be used now to support the evolution of the next iteration of human-kind on Earth. You’ll learn about: 

  • The Light of the 12 Star Families

  • 12 Precious Templates of the 12 Star Families

  • Mystical Gazing


I will take you on a journey through the Spheres of Wisdom. During a total of 6 classes discover: 


  • Histories relevant to the next stage of humanity and New Earth

  • Practices and methods to change and influence your own living surroundings

  • Stepping stones needed to become Homo Luminous

  • Connection to your own Starseed wisdom through the Lyran Library

  • Maps in consciousness that will help you build the New Culture on New Earth


I hope you’ll join me as we navigate a great new ending and beginning! This is our opportunity to reach our next potential state as Homo Luminous with all the wisdom and tools available in the sea of time. It’s my honor to be your guide and shine a light for us on this journey. 

The Spheres of Influence and Wisdom Series

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