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Spero Vita Potentia - Our 12 Light Bodies

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Friends, in the new energies of Earth and our galactic place in space, we need to utilize the concepts of light more effectively for our future. Our bodies are 12 dimensional, and therefore have corresponding attributes in the physical while simultaneously maintaining a portion of consciousness in each of the 12 dimensions. Being fully embodied, understanding how your various light bodies and systems work, and healing each of these bodies is a step towards becoming Homo Luminous, our destiny. 


Spero Vita Potentia means “Hope Life Power” in Latin. Our 12 light bodies are where we can do very deep discovery and healing of our true selves, thus uncovering our true strengths and “super-powers” as both beings of Earth and beings of multidimensionality. In this introductory class I’ll show you - 

  • Why our bodies are designed the way they are

  • How our systems correspond with dimensions

  • Why healing these light bodies is imperative

  • What will happen after we heal them

  • How to take part in a 12 Month healing journey


I look forward to discovering our strengths together as we cultivate hope for our future. 

Elizabeth Wood

Spero Vita Potentia - Our 12 Light Bodies

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