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A Journey into Oneness & Consciousness Change

Learn how to create real change within. Access real examples, readings and practical steps. Learn to access the power of Oneness and the Universal in your daily life!



We will be exploring together our deepest desires for inner change and addressing many of human society’s greatest challenges in our little gathering. We will be processing our biggest blocks to real change. We will spend our time together learning tools, techniques and wisdom that will assist us in breaking free of the programming which prevents us from truly experiencing our purpose.

During the 7 days of deep learning, integration, witnessing and healing, you’ll be given practical tools to:

• Utilize the Brain Mind, Heart Mind, and Gut Mind for discernment and support

• Transmute limiting beliefs and ignite the Universal connection within

• Have the opportunity to move through deep emotional/energetic shifts to find empowerment

• Learn special methods and tools which you can apply to your life and your community’s life to further create harmony and change

• Integrate a true “scientific spirituality” approach to creating change

• Feel compassion, insight, healing and valuable support from a respected Seer

• Receive the powerful witnessing of a group of awakened peers in The Circle

• Learn your Soul's Essence which can help define your purpose and next steps

• Use the power of your Soul's Essence and a great group of people to reach the next step!


Included in Retreat Resources:

*20 Hours of Video Readings

*2.5 Hours Teaching Video on Body Oracle Technique

*2.5 Hours Teaching Video on Quantum Healing & Pillar of Light

*Body Oracle Technique PDF

*‘Healing the 3 Minds’ eBook

*‘Lifestyle of Light’ eBook

‘Cultivating Non-Judgement’ eBook


A Journey into Oneness & Consciousness Change Self Guided Retreat