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Relevant History Series Part 6 - Sand and Sea - The Epic of the Pleiadians

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All classes are recorded and replays are sent within 72 hours. 



Friends, in order to create our future we need to glean all the available templates and information we can from the foundation of our history to the present. As a Galactic Anthropologist I treasure the stories about our shared galactic past. In this series I will weave the templates of wisdom into a storytelling series that will store the many concepts we need now. These templates of wisdom are beyond the templates that we use here on Earth. Now that we’re bathing in the light of the galactic center, we can use them to support our evolution. 


Storytelling is a form of mystical dreaming and weaving alchemy. Rather than create a question and answers lecture, I’ll create a sacred space for you to receive the wisdom you most need now from the stories of our deep past. We’ll share a meditative and receptive flow where the dimensions can open up for you. Galactic memory can be deeply revealing and empowering. 

In this series we’ll meet monthly to cover 12 parts to our galactic history over the next year


  • The Deep Galactic Past - Instant Access Now

  • Homo Prima - The Epic of the Lyrans - Instant Access Now

  • The Galactic Wars Condensed - Instant Access Now

  • Emissaries of Light - The Galaxy United - Instant Access Now

  • Rivers of Red - The Epic of Sirius - Instant Access Now

  • Sand and Sea - The Epic of the Pleiadians - Instant Access Now 

  • Arcturus Symmetria - Instant Access Now

  • The First Council of Archetypes - Instant Access Now

  • The Creation of Gaia Earth - Instant Access Now

  • Andromedans Hope - Instant Access Now

  • The Lost Sky Tribes - Galactic Refuge - Instant Access Now

  • The Waters Part - Homo Luminous - Instant Access Now


Wisdom and knowledge are very different. Wisdom is very formless and doesn't need a story to be imparted necessarily. Knowledge does require the discovery of experience, and story is a good way to share it by way of example. In our series, we'll be working with both of these forms of energy information. Wisdom is often understood and absorbed by the subconscious first, so expect that it will arise more subtly for you as we play in the layers of time and past together. 



Sand and Sea - The Epic of the Pleiadians 

The Pleiadian epic is really a tale of two planets. The nuturing and healing nature of the Pleiadians, while a foundation for their culture, also carried a dark side. Not free from the pains of hierarchy and slavery, the Pleiadians suffered the common ails of a people divided. The lessons of exploitation, division and control  are discovered in the tale of the dance of the desert planet and the water planet. The Pleiadian traumas informed their future - can they find equanimity and peace?


(Notes - Please expect to do necessary self care after each story and drink lots of water! More times for each class will be announced. Each class is recorded and the replays sent out within 72 hours.)


I look forward to this epic voyage with you! 

Elizabeth Wood


What others are saying - 
"Everything you said...rang so true!"
"...I loved the first class of the galactic history series, and the timing was perfect. It's a story that feels very real to me, and as much as possible, it will be rooted in my understanding of the true past, present and future of our galaxy and humanity. Everything you said in the first class rang so true for me, and I absolutely love the idea of loss turning into grief turning into the fear of loss and then to creation and innovation. I wish I could take all of the classes now while I'm still in brainstorming mode, but I know enough right now to get through the first two books I'm writing. Thank you for helping to reveal this deeper understanding within me. It feels like I have always known these things to be true, but I needed to open my heart to that truth and then be reminded of it. Looking forward to learning more!." - JL

Relevant History Series Part 6 - Sand and Sea - The Epic of the Pleiadians

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