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Relevant History Series Part 1 - The Deep Galactic Past

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All classes are recorded and replays are sent within 48 hours. 

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Friends, in order to create our future we need to glean all the available templates and information we can from the foundation of our history to the present. As a Galactic Anthropologist I treasure the stories about our shared galactic past. In this series I will weave the templates of wisdom into a storytelling series that will store the many concepts we need now. These templates of wisdom are beyond the templates that we use here on Earth. Now that we’re bathing in the light of the galactic center, we can use them to support our evolution. 


Storytelling is a form of mystical dreaming and weaving alchemy. Rather than create a question and answers lecture, I’ll create a sacred space for you to receive the wisdom you most need now from the stories of our deep past. We’ll share a meditative and receptive flow where the dimensions can open up for you. Galactic memory can be deeply revealing and empowering. 

In this series we’ll meet monthly to cover 12 parts to our galactic history over the next year -


  • The Deep Galactic Past - Instant Access Now

  • Homo Prima - The Epic of the Lyrans - August 11th at 11 am ET

  • The Galactic Wars Condensed - September 11th at 11 am ET

  • Emissaries of Light - The Galaxy United - October 9th at 11 am ET

  • Rivers of Red - The Epic of Sirius- November 13th