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Many of us suffer with various degrees of ailments, often causing us to compound our issues and end up in a state of giving up. With the latest understanding in consciousness and embodiment we can begin to work with all dimensions of dis-ease and healing.

Using the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness, the 3 Minds, all four areas of embodiment (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), and many other concepts regarding health, there is a comprehensive way to work with the source field for life changes.

This methodology is also wonderful for integrating into other methods and practices you already use. It’s also a great way to work from the comfort of home as it requires no in person touch. Because it can be done remotely, the support you can give is not limited to any physical boundaries. In this series of modules, you’ll receive a full, step by step path to learning and practicing quantum healing for yourself or as a business.

Module 1 - Remote Viewing:

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A much-needed foundation for quantum healing, remote viewing is an easy skill that can be started at any point in life. You need to be able to perceive what’s available in the Source Field so that you’re comfortable viewing what’s needed and what you’ve accomplished. You’ll learn gentle and fun ways to exercise your 3rd Eye skills in this module which will strengthen your viewing for the long-term future.