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*This class is not medical advice or advice on treatment of disease. This class is based purely on my opinion. Please consult a medical professional before making any changes to your health regimen.


The body is a universe. The seemingly infinite cycle of cells of all types that creates our physical reality has incredible layers. From our personal human perspective our body is one thing, but this is not reality. The body is trillions and trillions of different intelligent things working together. At its quantum core, the body is tied to the Source field from which it comes. In quantum healing we use all these layers to focus our attention, our ability to be conduits of light, and our Soul’s intent to manifest healing. To manifest we must see, feel and act to create healing. In this class you’ll learn about:

  • The layers of the body and how they are all intelligent
  • The concept of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast and their spiritual functions
  • Communication to the body and diseased cells
  • Using the Three Minds (Brain, Heart, Gut) to reprogram the body for healing
  • Being a conduit for qualities of Light and their uses

I love doing quantum healing and I’ve found wonderful things happen when we are able to use our beautiful bodies and spiritual will to heal! I hope you can experiment with this work and find results for yourself too. Look forward to more in depth classes on healing each month! 

With love,


Quantum Healing for Infectious Disease

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