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Are you a healer who would like to take their skills to the next level? Would you like more tools in your tool box for healing yourself and others? Learn the science and spiritual concepts behind many topics such as -

  • What is quantum healing and how does it work scientifically?
  • How does remote viewing work?
  • How to hone your remote viewing skills
  • Medical Intuition
  • The basic fundamentals of Quantum Healing and it’s theory
  • And much more!


If you have been interested in remote viewing and how it can be used to do quantum healing, this retreat will be looking at the mechanics of these techniques. Remote viewing helps us look at our 3rd dimensional world from a spiritual perspective only bound by time, not space. Quantum healing is the outcome of our consciousness finally being open to what we are actually capable of seeing. Learn how to move your remote viewing to different levels of reality in order to do healing work, understand reality better, or jump forward into higher consciousness states!


If you’re ready to refresh, refine and add to your skills as a healer, this online healing retreat is for you! Receive activations, practices, and masterful instruction from Elizabeth Wood, a world-class seer, scientist, medical intuitive, quantum healer and remote viewer. Create the New Earth using your incredible healing abilities now!


Bonus: Receive a worksheet to organize your notes and ideas!

Quantum Healing and Remote Viewing

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