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What will you receive from this class?

  • A unique methodology to apply to your life, work, community or culture.
  • An understanding about how cultural change really works.
  • Grounded ways to connect to quantum and galactic consciousness.

 Friends, someone recently asked me - “You said when we change ourselves we change the world. I heard a woman say we that we change but it's just us experiencing it. I just wanted to know what you would say to this person.” My answer is deceivingly simple!

There is NOTHING personal. Individuation is an illusion.

The simplicity of this illusion ends when we find out why the illusion exists. We can make sense of spiritual understanding using science, bridging the two. When we do that, we begin to physically and quantumly understand how everything is unified. We finally become aware that EVERY action, thought, emotion, deed and experience has an intimate relationship with all reality.

Let’s go deeper with our inquiry how entangled all layers of reality really are.

As a galactic and quantum anthropologist, I’m interested in how quantum physics can create change in human beings and help us connect to our galactic position in reality. We can use the galactic and the quantum simultaneously to advance ourselves into the future. We don’t just live on a planetary stage - humankind living together on one planet. Reality is also the galactic stage.

We are intimately connected to many other celestial bodies, some with advanced life, and we always have been. What can the past tell us about our how we got to where we are now in galactic thinking? How does real human interaction with the cosmos change our global culture? How does quantum physics affect how change works for us and can we use it to transform ourselves? We are here on the 3D level in these beautiful bodies and we’ve learned some new things in science. We’ve learned just how intimately our brain, heart and gut (microbiome) function together at a smaller layer of reality. We’ve mapped 11 dimensions of structure that the human brain creates, and has access to. We’ve discovered new organs in the body over the past couple of years.

We’ve got more to learn!

Each new discovery in science equates to more understanding about human consciousness and experiences - making change and healing happen more quickly. Our bodies are our greatest tools for divine experience! And the body is scientifically our greatest way to connect to all dimensions and layers of reality.

What to expect:

Grab a pen and paper - I'll be teaching you some very unique and powerful techniques to help you create real change in your life and the world! Don't worry about absorbing all this all at once. This is 20 years of work put into a single class! It's worth playing with and listening to again and again. These special theoretical ideas which have been turned into methods are unlike any out there. For a decade they've been put into a box in a closet! It's time for them to come out now.

Even if the methods I teach you today aren't used every day, they will dramatically affect your understanding of reality. Be prepared for those effects on your life. Galactic and quantum consciousness will create changes inside you, and they will unfold in your life in magical ways!

I can’t wait for you to join me to fully embody the quantum and galactic into a way of life that connects us to the infinite and the present powerful moment! I deeply look forward to our connection.

With love,

Elizabeth Wood

Seer & Scientist

Quantum & Galactic Anthropology

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