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Are you frustrated with your attempts to utilize your psychic abilities? Perhaps you have some limiting beliefs or other issues around using your special gift? Did you know that everyone is naturally psychic?

Originally taught at Awaken Academy, this series of classes helps you conquer the last obstacles keeping you from being able to finally use your psychic gifts. Learn from a respected seer and scientist Elizabeth about how to use your natural abilities to see other dimensions and spiritual planes. Expand your consciousness and the way you manifest your purpose into the 3D. learn to:

  • Reconnect imagination with intuition
  • Transmute energy and transform yourself
  • Create spiritual places and objects to support your 3D life
  • Hone your meditation abilities and support your emotional processing

Please note that these teleconferences were first available through Awaken Academy. Also note that, if you have dismantled the chakric system, any reference to a chakra should be replaced by “residue around the previous location of the chakra”.


Psychic Playground is Not an Ordinary Class

“Hi Elizabeth! Here is my review, and I would like you to know that I sincerely mean every word of it. After ten years on FB, I've met many people, and you are one of the more "real" and inspiring people I know on there, not to mention an awesome teacher. Thank you for that.

-Maria Enaje



The further I got into the Psychic Playground teleconference, the more I began feeling like I was not taking an ordinary class, but I was receiving a gift of vast wisdom. I would recommend this and any teleconference offered by Elizabeth Wood. She is an amazing teacher with a gentle, loving style. She is among my most respected and revered authorities on being a seer and on raising humanity's vibration.


As a seer myself, I was excited to learn new words and terms for my experiences on the inner planes. Some of these experiences covered in the teleconference included seeing with the third eye, creating magical objects, and protecting oneself in the astral realms. I was also delighted to discover information on our galactic history and the cosmology of the universe. I participated in all the guided meditations and exercises which gave me real life practice in increasing my skills. I was so inspired by the teleconference that in week five I successfully used remote viewing to find a missing object!


I would recommend Psychic Playground to anyone interested in discovering or increasing their psychic skills. This teleconference is fun, packed with information, organized well, and is presented by an amazing woman and teacher.”


Psychic Playground - An Intro to the Development of Psychic Abilities - 7 Parts

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