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Are you starting to feel bombarded or overwhelmed as a spiritual person on Facebook and other social marketing sites? How do you really shine your light on the internet and yet also protect yourself spiritually? What are the ways a spiritual professional can attract good clients and peers using the internet?

In this teleconference class pair, your guide Elizabeth will help you learn to:

  • The true history and energy of the internet and how you can use it.
  • Use spiritual discretion and sight to monitor the kinds of people you allow in your online circle
  • How to shine your light and create an impeccable presence.
  • Minimize the dark energy and challenges you might face online.

Start clearing up your internet light and get everything on the same wavelength that you want in your life!

Please note that these 2 teleconferences were first available through Awaken Academy. Also note that, if you have dismantled the chakric system, any reference to a chakra should be replaced by “residue around the previous location of the chakra”.

Navigating the Social Marketing Maze Part 2

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