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Friends, New Earth is within. We are being called to not just merge with the Universe outside of us, but equally so the inner realms. These are the Dimensions of Consciousness. In this class I’ll show you how to:

  • Understand the Dimensions of Consciousness in a simple way
  • Effectively use the body to help you feel Dimensions
  • Know what to expect or not expect in the Dimensions

In our next class Part 2, we will go even deeper to understand the Roadmaps through Dimensions. You’ll learn:

  • The complex experimental nature of the Dimensions
  • A multitude of ways to utilize and grow from the Dimensions
  • Points of discord and cognitive dissonance pitfalls

The more we embody and navigate the Dimensions, the more we shed the personal self. This is the evolution of human consciousness. As proven through history, your creations and ideas resonate through all Consciousness. I look forward to giving you a tour of the Dimensions of Consciousness from my experience and the experiences of my teachers.


With love,

Elizabeth Wood

Navigating the Dimensions of Consciousness Part 1

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