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Remember the ancient saying that many enlightened teachers have said “If two or more

are gathered...” then some miracle will happen? We all desire to believe in miracles, and

we desire to have them happen for us. We want the power of our prayerful intentions to

be manifested each day. We don't always come together to make these prayerful

intentions happen. Group intentions can seem so impersonal. The desire for direct

action, and direct communication with the Divine is at the heart of our desires for


In this group exercise Elizabeth will be your psychic guide. She will take you

on a meaningful journey to see how you can participate together in the building of

pillars of prayer and intention which are able to transmute and amplify the amazing

power of your miracles. Journeying on the inner planes you will have Elizabeth's expert

guidance to create multiple pillars together, see many others that already exist and learn

how truly miraculous they can be for our lives and the Earth. Unlike any other class

Elizabeth has offered, you will be able to open your full potential for the creation and

manifestation of the miraculous.

Whether you are new to the psychic world and your third eye, or are have much

experience with doing work on the Inner Planes, this class is for anyone who wants to

learn a wonderful skill that she can use for her whole lifetime. Furthermore, there is

quality evidence that will be discussed on why these wonderful pillars of intention and

prayer really work. Not only will you be able to use your whole body and soul, but as a

group you will be able to cause measurable action for yourself and the world! Allow your

prayers and intentions to be supported by these unique and blessed spiritual structures.

Come make miracles real together!

Making Miracles Together

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