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In June 2011, Lucia was given access to Ancient Templates 91-94. They are extremely sophisticated and refined. They are a gift to humanity to help us experience the universe and our higher connection to Source. Our relationship with each other, the Earth, and the universe are more precise and defined in this time of awakening. Light is being shed on the details of our existence. The Last 4 Templates of Wisdom are here for us as tools to keep us stabilized, connected to the universe and conscious of the source of all this changing reality. Elizabeth will walk us through each of these Templates, allowing the Templates to speak for themselves and their uses for each of us. These deeply ethereal Templates are:

•91 Formlessness

•92 Timelessness

•93 Universal Mind containing emptiness

•94 Universal Mind containing all of existence

As you experience them, they begin to change you. They will change your perception of the world, yourself, and deepen your relationship with Source. They will bring you into a deep meditation and you will experience a form of reality rarely encountered. This class is for women who want to deepen their connection to Source and fully use these wonderful tools which have been gifted to us to help us all continue the awakening process.

Last 4 Templates of Wisdom

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