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Healing the Three Minds - The Brain, Heart and Gut

By Elizabeth Wood

About this Book

Using The 3 Minds - the Brain, Heart and Gut - and their communication powers and spiritual gifts is a step to being free. The practice of communicating to your 3 Minds helps support you as you also meditate and emotionally process. When you begin thinking about, perceiving and feeling the 3 Minds, you are subsequently dropping relationship with systems that have hurt humanity. The 3 Minds configuration brings focus and fluidity, clarity and awareness, especially to The Heart Mind which has been starved for too long. The 3 Minds is a modern take on an older configuration than the Chakras, the Dan Tian centers in Taoist teaching. While much of the 3 Minds Technique is based on the flow and placement of these centers from Taoism, the use of the 3 Minds as ‘brains’ and their practical psychological applications are unique.

Healers and seekers of higher consciousness will enjoy learning about how to use the three minds within the body and the Golden Ratio to deepen their self-realization and enrich their healing arts. In this book you will learn how to connect to and heal your Brain, Heart and Gut Minds in a modern technique based in ancient knowledge and new science. With the 3 Minds technique we have a holistic methodology for healing ourselves and others. 

The 3 Minds configuration brings focus and fluidity, clarity and power. The use of the Minds as ‘brains’ and their practical psychological applications are unique. In healing, they help us make sense of what is happening in the spirit and body as a whole. In personal development, being able to utilize the entire body’s intelligence is invaluable for higher consciousness.  When we have access to the Heart and Gut’s memory and intuition as well as the powerful Brain, we open up whole new levels of energy flow and spiritual expansion. Learn to triangulate and discern using the whole body!

This book will be priceless for anyone genuinely interested in more energy and health, higher consciousness and healing techniques. For those working in the psychic or healing fields it will be an excellent fall back full of processes and tools. Those looking for self-improvement and healing will be able to help themselves and learn more about the world in deep and meaningful way. Personal energetic freedom is absolutely possible as is incredible connectedness to the body and true self!

In this book we will learn about the history and science of The Three Minds and how to Heal the Brain, Heart and Gut Minds, each in their own way.

Healing the Three Minds E-book

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