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Are you tired of feeling energy stuck in your system? Perhaps you are always fatigued,

ill, and keep trying everything to no avail. Or maybe your wellbeing is fine, but you feel

like you need a different conscious configuration? You long to be done with the matrix

of control. A different step and technique could lead you to a different height of

conscious being and bring you energetic freedom.

Using The 3 Minds within the core of the body is a step to being free of the matrix of

control. When you begin thinking, perceiving and feeling in this configuration, you are

subsequently dropping relationship with systems that have hurt humanity for so long.

The 3 Minds configuration brings focus and fluidity, clarity and power, especially to The

Heart Mind which has been starved for too long. The 3 Minds is a modern take on an

older configuration than the Chakras and the matrix of control, the Dan Tian centers in

Taoist teaching. While much of the 3 Minds Technique is based on the flow and

placement of these centers, the use of the Minds as ‘brains’ and their practical

psychological applications are unique.

In this workshop we will learn about the history and science of The Three Minds and

how to Heal the Brain, Heart and Gut Minds, each in their own way. There are three

teleconference classes, all pre-recorded. Get instant access now!

Life Changing!

“Working with Elisabeth has been a life changer for me. She has a rare gift, the ability to connect with source and help facilitate the embodiment of our true nature. She is kind, loving and refreshingly truthful. She has helped me to remember what is most important in life.” ~Leo McFee, Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Sun Academy


Feel the Body in a New Exciting Way!

“The benefit from this work is ever-unfolding. A remote Mark of the Trinity session and basic tune-up with Elizabeth has made me feel like I've lost ten pounds. There's been a definite energetic shift, as if some old structure has fallen away, allowing me to feel more present in the day to day of my life. It's such a gift. The Gut Mind - well, I hadn't been able to quite see it, but now I feel the body in a new and exciting way. I love your voice, so genuinely comforting. I love you Elizabeth for the amazing courage you have.” ~Fay Hart, Life Coach

Healing the 3 Minds Workshop

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