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Dreams, Purpose and Values are the touchstones of daily choices and actions that empower a person to pursue a greater vision and live a fulfilled life.  Yet complexity and confusion continuously interrupt and mis-direct a person’s attention to these higher-purpose guideposts. Such challenges can be faced more successfully by using one’s personal decision-making capabilities - by using what we know in our minds about what we want to do, how we feel about it, and then acting on our vision in a grounded way.

Join Susan Mills, business strategist and coach, and myself in this co-creative talk about the vision we have for the future and how to ground it into today’s realities. You'll learn:

  • How the new paradigm of empowerment and the serious changes we've faced with current events can affect someone's vision for their future
  • How to discern if what you hope to accomplish is truly your Soul's purpose
  • What businesses in transition (most of us!) can consider as they recreate their vision to support the current needs of human kind

And much more!

ABOUT SUSAN MILLS - Susan Mills has been coaching, planning and delivering-the-future with business leaders for over 30 years. She applies structured planning frameworks with insightful emotion-informed processes to discover alignment and team strengths.  Susan is expert in bringing your imagined possibilities into today’s operations and tactical choices. Her work has truly helped me and I'm happy to share it with you!

Grounding Your Vision for Business, Transition and Creation

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