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Friends, we’re being asked to work on any structures within us that continue to feed the personal ego. One of the most subtle frameworks that supports the personal ego is our cultural conditioning. This is something that has several parts to it - what we inherited, what we learned, and what we focus on. In this class duo I will help you use anthropological and mystical concepts to clear your subconscious and conscious bias, blocks and programming around the subjective experience of being you. Moreso, it’s incredibly important that you consider your own experience as equally important to other perspectives, without it being more important. This is a delicate and narrow path out of the worthlessness/arrogance dynamic we are often trapped in.

In this first class you’ll learn:

  • How to understand the subjective and objective experience, and value both
  • What the structures of cultural conditioning are so you can identify them
  • How to begin dissolving what you inherited from your ancestors


In the second class you’ll learn:

  • To determine what you’ve learned about reality, and what feeds the personal ego
  • Using the power of your focus to optimize your continued objective state
  • Dealing with mental and emotional programming in a practical way


 I look forward to sharing this special set of concepts that has helped me attain complete non-judgement and a deep universal compassion for all beings. As we move forward to build a new experiment in consciousness, we have a special chance to use these precious energies to serve our evolution. The more clear and fully aware we are of our programming, the more we are liberated!

Dissolving Cultural Conditioning Part 1

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