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We all suffer with judgement on ourselves or others! To end judgement and find true discernment we need to be able to have different vantage points and see through different “lenses”. How do we shift our consciousness to different points of view? How do we use energy like lenses, and become free of lenses that aren’t working for us anymore?

The Art of Psychic Lenses is a true art which can help you discern the truth more effectively. By having a new vantage point, we can cultivate non-judgment and truly value any experience. From this technique we find new information- “new light is new sight”! With Non-Judgement comes compassion for ourselves and all consciousness in all situations. Remember the last time you were under a black light, or some other color of light? You were able to see the little animal hairs on your shirt better, or spots on the skin. Energy, vantage points, emotions, experiences each gives you a new light to work with-and you can see more information than you did before!

Join me on a journey which I know well as a seer and anthropologist-the journey of the vantage point. Academically and mystically, I’ve been trained to use the technique of vantagepoint for every aspect of my work and life.

I’ve honed this technique for you to use as an artform and mindset shift which will help you attain higher consciousness and manifestation as a creator being. We will use both science and mysticism to learn this technique in a combination that is unique anthropology and ethnography paired with mystical psychic mastery. Finally, be free of judgement, attain deeper discernment and ultimately watch compassion for yourself and all beings flourish. Watch how each vantage point and energetic lens brings you closer to Source and your true gifts as a being of light! This is a Light Infused Interactive E-book to follow each day full of easy steps and meditations with 5 Exclusive Videos embedded.

Cultivating Non-Judgement 3-day Intensive Workshop

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