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What will you receive from this class?

A unique methodology to apply to your life, work, community or culture.

An understanding about how cultural change really works.

Examples on how to use this special cultural mapping technique for:

  • Personal Development
  • Family Life
  • Business
  • Prediction for planning ahead

Friends, this special class is a follow up to Quantum and Galactic Anthropology and will give you a deeper clarity on how to use the cultural mapping method I taught in the first class. I will reteach the method briefly and then deep dive into 4 ways to use it for your creation of real change in your life and the world around you. This method is powerful and will be endlessly useful for your journey. We are all here to create change!

I highly recommend you watch the first class so you understand where we are at. This class can stand alone, but it will be deeply enriched by the first one. You can find that under Offerings on the home page.

I really look forward to helping you create real change!

With love,

Elizabeth Wood

Creating Real Change - Cultural Mapping

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