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Friends, one of the foundations of self-inquiry, non judgement, and the enlightenment process is the utilization of the tool we call compassionate communication. In order to heal the many rifts of separation between us, human beings need to rekindle the consistent use of this technique.

At first, many find it a very strange way to communicate because it’s quite different that the egoic way we’ve been taught to speak to each other. Once you’ve worked with this tool long enough, however, you begin to witness miracles.

In this intensive, I will first help you heal the energies which have been woven into your being from all the problematic speech you’ve absorbed and used. After this healing journey we’ll then dive into the gentle practice of compassionate communication as a tool for continued inner healing and the healing of your relationships.

New Earth, while it means new systems and new infrastructure, also means new ways of communication!

With love,

Elizabeth Wood

Compassionate Communication Healing and Training

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