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Instant Access - 3.5 hour class



Friends, we are taught explicitly to find answers outside ourselves. Even the adage “just Google it” shows us how little we know about inner discernment. This leads to long years of searching for answers from other people and other sources outside the self. However, we know that nothing is outside the self as the ancient teachings have pointed out. In this class you will learn how:

  • Understanding cultural elements, the creative human factor, can benefit you in deep self-inquiry
  • Elements of culture and the body work together to give you clarity
  • Listening to the 3 Minds systematically is our natural guidance system
  • To use tools to unblock your self-judgement and negative programming that cause you to look for answers outside the self
  • And much more!

My intent is to aid you in using the magnificent body, the DNA, and the Soul to utilize the beautiful clarity available now. No other time on Earth has cultivated such possibilities for clarification of the self and human kind. Now you can truly trust yourself to be and know the answers you seek!

Body Oracle - Finding Answers Inside Yourself

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