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Having downloaded the Templates is like carrying within us our own energetic apothecary for all that ails us, or could possibly ail us. Elizabeth has thoroughly researched each template, knowing each intimately, and is ready to advise in their use and prescription. During this series of classes, you too can experiment in the richness of what the Templates have offer for your own healing and the healing of others and your processing needs, giving you greater access to your apothecary within.

1. AND THE HEALING HAS BEGUN: What is Healing? How does Healing work?

2. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BLOCKAGES: Meridian, Past Life, Spiritual and Emotional

3. UNDERSTANDING PAIN: Pain and your Organic Machine Body

4. VIRUS OF THE MASSES: Cancer: What it is and how to heal it

5. HEALING THE PAST: The role of healing memories to bring healing into the present.


Ancient Apothecary - Templates for Healing and Processing

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