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This interactive workshop is a sharing of angelic light and practical knowledge about the angels! Everything you ever wanted to ask about angels can be answered - by the angels themselves and the extensive anthropological perspective Elizabeth has to offer. Learn more about the wonderful world of the angelic:

● What can angels actually do? Utilize your angels - they are YOUR team!

● Communicate effectively with angels and learn how they communicate too

● Where do angels come from and what is their world like?

● Learn to cultivate the wonderful relationships you desire with your angels (and they desire too!)

● And much more...

Using incredible stories, ethnographic accounts, interviews and her extensive daily interaction with the angelic, Elizabeth will connect you to the power of the angels which will transform your life. Watch the wonders of angelic light work as it recreates and rejuvenates!

3rd Eye Evolution - Class 7 - Angelic Support Workshop

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