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Now that we’ve entered into the 4th dimension, let’s discover two of the most wonderful things that can be done here: Co-creating via your consciousness and the Divine Imagination of the Universe, and Quantum Healing! As you’ve discovered in many of our classes, some of these subjects are so dense that they could be courses in of themselves. This class will be like that in some respects but we will touch on the basics that you need to get started. If you’re wondering why we can do creative work on the 4th dimension, or why quantum healing actually works, please refer to Class 2 and it’s Master Notes. As I’ve mentioned in other classes, many of the practices I’ve laid out for you are like different levels of weight lifting. While Class 1 gave you some 5 lb. weights to use, and the others are like 10 lb. weights, this class is a 20-50 lb. weight! I encourage you to always fall back on the first-class practices for daily strengthening of the 3rd Eye and to use this class sparingly when you want to do greater work.


3rd Eye Evolution - Class 6 - Quantum Healing and Co-Creating Consciousness

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