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Ever want to be psychic? Do you sometimes have hazy 3rd Eye impressions, but wish

they were consistent and clear? Would you like to have a pure connection to your

guides? Or to Source?


In this series we begin with basic theory. How do you know that psychic abilities 

are real? What limiting beliefs have you been taught?

Then, we plunge in. We explore a treasure chest of tools you can use to strengthen your 3rd Eye and build your psychic skills. We’ll cover how to:

●Use the power of your imagination

●Open your 3rd Eye

●Keep it functioning and strong

●Read energy

●Remote view

●Create objects on the inner planes

●And do basic quantum healing


When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a sparkling road map to help you navigate the

inner planes, discern different dimensions, and communicate with the beings that

inhabit them.


I'm one of the few willing to share the inner workings of how to open your 3rd Eye and become self-reliant. Using my own special heartfelt approach, I supports people on their spiritual journeys by helping them master clear discernment on the psychic planes. In the past, many have come to  

me complaining they have 3rd Eye experiences but they aren’t consistent. They ask: Is

there something wrong with me? Am I blocked? But in most cases, they simply haven’t

been given the basic tools to open, and then keep their 3rd Eye strong.


The 3rd Eye is like a muscle. It needs to be used properly and safely in order to develop

and strengthen. I give you 5-pound weights to start, then, as the course

continues, you’ll "bench press" more and more. Once you understand how esoteric

energies work, have some scientific grounding, and practice my 3rd Eye

techniques, you’ll feel empowered, confident, and clear.

And you can use that increased clarity to fuel your spiritual growth for the rest of your life.

So, are you ready to become psychic?


3rd Eye Evolution 7-part Series