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Truly see, feel and know the truth. Receive illumination about -

  • Your physical body and 12 Light Bodies.

  • The gifts of your soul in each dimension, and the most important polarities.

  • How to use the body more effectively to serve you and your skill sets.

  • Discernment using the brain, heart and gut.

  • Healing yourself spiritually and physically.

  • Commanding the heart to dissolve illness, ego, pain, blockages and heal DNA.

  • Understanding the fields of limitation imposed on us and exactly how to walk out of them.

  • Practical implementation of ways to be more limitless daily.

  • Dissolving dark or dense energy in the body and spirit without separation.

  • How one might be leaking energy and how to end it.

  • Identifying the reasons for suffering and how to dissolve them and use the obstacles they contain.


I’m offering a scientific and spiritual framework to you to see your life situation and trajectory clearly. These frameworks of seeing, feeling and knowing automatically connect you to a higher field of light. With this light you will be able to assess where you are at and where you want to be with full illumination.




I also connect you to personalized tools. These can include ways to -

  • Open the 3rd Eye

  • Hone personal soul skill sets

  • Accomplish greater and deeper business 

  • Effective ways to heal

  • Have more clarity about personal health,

  • and much more!


I'm here to empower you. In the future you can consistently assess your own progress and realize your own results with clarity and true discernment. 

All questions are valuable - discover the answers for yourself.

You can illuminate your own life!


Please email my assistant Suzette to book your appointment. 


I look forward to working with you deeper.

~ Elizabeth Wood

1 Hour Illumination Session

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