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Spero Vita Illustro - Illuminating the 12 Light Bodies



Offerings - 

Class Package Special - $408 - All 12 Light Body Classes - Purchase Here

Each Individual Class - $35


When? - Instant Access Now


About the Spero Vita Illustro - Illuminating the 12 Light Bodies


The Fifth Light Body - The Fractal Field

You create your own fractal pattern that moves into the universe.When you’re synched up to the natural soul essence, you realize you are flowing, like all things, back to Source. In that flow is the playground of possibilities - the 5D. The cymatic symphony of reality is expressed in 5D, and your soul is tuned to listen and receive, radiate and express here. With our attention we move light, and our Primo Vascular System links us from the inside to the intimate arena of quantum entanglement and quantum healing.


Friends, over this next year as we traverse the 12 dimensions in a discovery of new light we have a chance to see the truth, feel the nature of reality, and fully embody the prismatic spectrum laid before us. Our bodies are miraculous compositions of 12 realms of light. We have the capacity to heal each of the 12 light bodies, open up their strengths, and reclaim our “super-powers” from each dimension. Can you imagine yourself being able to fully see, feel and know the nature of light? 


Over the next year I’d like to invite you to join me as we open up each dimension, and illuminate each light body every month. I’m offering the class series as a package with a little discount. Otherwise, each class is sold separately. 


In our complete series, you’ll learn - 

  • How each Light Body works in each dimension

  • Which systems are most relevant to each light body

  • How to heal each system and each light body

  • Practices and methods for further healing over the month

  • Moving from one dimensional body to another

  • Connecting your light bodies fully into the dimensional and physical

  • Advanced methods for using the light bodies simultaneously


It’s a wonderful time for us to experience Spero Vita Illustro which is Latin for “Hope Life Illumination”. We have the benefit of more light from the galactic center, more open dimensions, a fully actuated New Earth and our powerful consciousness to lead us into our lives as Homo Luminous, the humanity of light. With loving clarity and hope we can take the next steps for our future and the Golden Age. We’re being guided by grace and love as we move forward together into the 12 dimensions of light. This is a time for reclamation and innovation!


Celebrating the next steps,

Elizabeth Wood

12 Light Bodies - The Fifth Light Body - The Fractal Field

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